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Peter Waterfield,Olympic Athlete & Trainer

Imagine a job where competing against the worlds best,is just another day at the office.

Career Bio

Recognising Peter’s natural talent his coach Lindsey Fraser invited Peter to join Highgate Diving club at Crystal Palace where he could use a 10-metre board and compete at a more advanced level. Getting to training wasn’t easy, Peter and his fellow divers had to share lifts with each others’ parents to make the round trip to training four times a week. It was a two hour journey each way for just an hour and a half of training – a tiring journey for the parents and children after long days at work and school but Peter was determined to keep diving.

Peter progressed quickly competing in Junior National championships from age 11 and moving up to Senior National level at just 13. Another 2 years later Peter competed in his first Senior International at the World Cup in Atlanta. Honing his skills as both an individual and synchronised diver, Peter progressed to winning National Championships and taking titles at Commonwealth Games, World Championships and competing at four Olympic Games.

His first Olympic games were at Sydney (2000), unfortunately no medal was won by peter which gave him more incentive to train for the next Olympics in Athens. Two years later Pete competed at the Commonwealth games in Manchester (2002) where he had his best solo performance to date, winning the 10m Gold. This gave Pete a large confidence boost for Athens (2004) where he and Leon Taylor won Olympic 10m synchro silver. Peter's best result is now Bronze at the London 2012 Olympics. This success with Taylor was Britain’s first medal since 1960 in Rome and the sixth in the history of the games.

Having a very successful two years all eyes were on Pete then winning a bronze with Taylor in the 2005 World Championship, then progressing to Melbourne (2006) where he won yet another medal, this time it was silver.Competing in the London Olympics was a dream come true for Pete both in solo competition and synchronised with his teenage partner Tom Daley. Pete was the oldest and most experienced member of the British team at London (2012) where the pair achieved an agonising 4th place after dropping their fourth dive. The next competition was the Barcelona world championships (2013) but Peter announced his retirement in July of 2014.

Peter Waterfiled
"My thanks have to go to British Swimming for looking after me so well over the years and to my coach and my family for everything they’ve done to support me throughout my career."

Olympic Athlete

When working with the EIS Peter also works with a nutritionist who helps him keep his weight down and have a healthier diet and to give him all the energy he needs to perform at an Olympic standard; Being healthy doesn't just mean going to exercise, it’s a way of life, nutrition is one of the biggest parts of being healthy...

Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaking has many forms of coaching involved, Peter has been a part of many; local, educational & commercial exposed partnerships run within different communities. Whilst Pete was in his diving career he was looking for an avenue outside of his sport that he could help .

Personal Training

This is an area that Peter is very experienced in as he done this everyday for himself for diving, he can design some great programs in this area and get great results very quick as he will design not just the program but the actual exercise itself to suit you and this is a great way to get good definition ..

Ultimate Diving

After retiring from diving Peter wanted to make the sport of diving more accessible to the public. Lots of people love the idea of this sport but they cannot just go to the local pool and have a go for fun. So Pete is offering this opportunity for everyone who wants a try, not just to become a professional diver but to give people the chance..